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    Psalm 45:1

    "My heart is inditing a good matter: I speak of the things which I have made touching the king: my tongue is the pen of a ready writer."

    Galatians 2:20

    I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.



    Monday, November 8, 2010

    Dear Friend,

    One of the unique qualities of a letter is the way it seems to slow down time or even move it in the opposite direction. We can take a moment and breathe words of wisdom, encouragement and recollection.

    I would find myself writing more if it wasn't for the expediency of our generation. I realize more and more that a conversation isn't merely waiting for your own turn to speak--it is rather, a chance to learn more about the ones you care about.

    The act of conversing and exchanging information ultimately requires a kind of reaction. Being that a letter would require you my dear friend to wait and receive the letter, read the letter, reflect and respond to the letter... The reaction to everything I have shared with you would then be subject to incredible delays.

    Which is why my writing letters amongst our more immediate and instant forms of communication has halted...

    Realizing this mistake, I undersatnd how much I have come to take our friendship for granted. The fact that our ability to communicate could be totally lost due to an inability or unwillingness to write is absurd and to think it could all go out with the magical forces of electricity which holds us all together.

    This intricate universe we call the "web" I have come to discern as a world that makes thinner, less solid relationships... Not stronger ones...

    Among the old fashioned letter, the phone call is also being lost...

    I conclude then with a charge to be more "intentional" with my relationships. It is no excuse to not speak with someone simply because he or she is not "online"

    It is our intensional and purpose driven conversations that lasts a life time...

    It is my hope that you are in good health and to hear from you soon...

    Always your friend,


    "My heart is inditing a good matter: I speak of the things which I have made touching the king: my tongue is the pen of a ready writer."

    Tuesday, October 26, 2010

    Red Movie Review

    DC comics’ “Retired and Extremely Dangerous,” aka Red, came into theaters just last week offering an explosive movie going experience along with an armed and dangerous cast. Starring Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, Mary-Louise Parker, and Helen Mirren, Red takes place around Frank Moses, a retired special ops veteran. In his late years of age, Frank Moses still packs a punch and an outwitting mind for his opponent’s attempts of assassination while cleaning up a mysterious past linking Frank and of his close companions.

    Though Frank now only wants to live the simple life, his current pursuits of the sweet life and hotline to love gets put on hold. Along with Frank, special interest Sarah, Mary-Louise Parker, is now in danger due to their close connection, there is no choice but to rescue her from his pursuers. To clear his name and end the deadly chase, Frank contacts and puts back together his comrades to form a deadly force. What they uncover in the end is both shocking and malevolent.

    Red is an amazing adaptation. Due to the nature of its origins, it is beyond simple to except some of the more exaggerated effects and supernatural feats of strength. Still, realism is left intact along with the story and beloved characters of DC Comic fans. The cinematography and editing was near flawless aside from a few minor continuity errors. With smooth transitions and action packed effects, Red is as slick as it is entertaining. Though it is a bit different from previous Marvel and DC releases, comic fans should still find Red an exceptional addition to their collection.

    "My heart is inditing a good matter: I speak of the things which I have made touching the king: my tongue is the pen of a ready writer."

    Wednesday, September 29, 2010


    thePROJECT-Behind the Scenes from Rob Oakley on Vimeo.

    This is the official and final version of the behind-the-scenes video for the Pregnancy Help Center of West Houston and The Project. Watch as Steve Hebert explains in great detail our nine month journey to completing more than just an Eagle Project, but a short documentary of the lives of humble individuals and their incredible stories and experiences. For the benefit of potential volunteers, contributors and even clients in search for answers, please pass this video to others on along with our project website.

    "My heart is inditing a good matter: I speak of the things which I have made touching the king: my tongue is the pen of a ready writer."

    Thursday, September 2, 2010

    Dionysus Theatre

    I've been rehearsing with a group of people from Dionysus Theater who all have some kind of disability: A young lady is blind, another can't speak well, two boys and a girl have a type of autism, a young man with down syndrome and a women who has no arms and legs. Though, when you stop and sit still just to listen to them and watch them perform, you realize there is so much of something they have that you don't. What they do have are beautiful voices, gleaming eyes so bright with genuine curiosity, and when they laugh and smile, what they say and do just proves there's a God in heaven that loves them: it is so pure and true. And all they want in life is to share that truth so we can be just like them--albe children of God.

    We are the ones who cannot see, we are the ones who cannot speak, we are the ones who have a lack of control, capability to think, and even the ability to move our hands and feet.

    Tonight they're having a performance for some who are interested in learning more about the wonderful world of theatre. Tonight I pray they'll get a lot more out of it than just that. Tonight I hope we all leave with so much more--that our eyes will be open, our hearts will see, that there's a God in heaven that loves you and me.

    "My heart is inditing a good matter: I speak of the things which I have made touching the king: my tongue is the pen of a ready writer."

    Monday, August 23, 2010

    Renaissance Man Set in Motion

    Scott and I wearing hats Edward Brought us from Indonesia

    Day One. Judging form the above picture, need I really say more? *smiles*

    My anticipation over the end of summer, the day just before yesterday, is gone. It has happend and I will not frown because it is over but instead smile because it happend--that is what makes all the difference for me.

    So the past is past: my studies at Lone Star and my work at Chick Fil A are complete. Now I am officially moved into campus at Houston Baptist University for my second year of school and third semester at the university where I'll be continuing my undergard studies in Spanish, Christianity, Chemistry, and continuing my specific interest and major field of study in Mass Communications and Film Production.

    For any of you who are interested in the specific courses I'll be taking, I have Spanish Proficiency, Christian Doctrine, Intro to Chemistry, and TV Production II.

    Along with my studies I'll also be actively working with the Rex Fleming Players, a student organization dedicated to providing a visual arts experience in performance and technical theatre. I am the Players' Historian and am looking very much forward to taking pictures of our activities and writing stories of our adventures.

    Speaking of adventures...

    I got to go on one just last night but I'll chronicle that a little later...

    For now I just want to send a brief update of my life's happenings--I am safe, I am content, and I am deeply blessed.

    Though I'll be living on campus, I am very happy to be living so close to home giving me the opportunity to spend great quality time with the family on the weekends.

    As for some of my projects and challenges...

    The Library is still under construction but has gone through great progress. The shelves and books are very organized though I am yet to archive them into my computer and was recently informed that along with the four some odd boxes stacked in the corner of the room there is also a closet full to sort through.

    I do not believe I've taken the time to report on the pleasure of my recent readings of CS Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia. Another challenge I set for myself is to read the entire Chronicles out loud to my siblings. Right now we're nearly finished with Voyage of the Dawn Treader and is turning out to be quite the favorite among Russell and Madylin who are nine and seven years old respectively. Sometimes I have some difficulty getting Madylin to sit still and listen. Russell on the other hand is so intrigued by the readings that sometimes he won't let me tuck him into bed unless I try to read at least one more chapter. Even if I did succumb to his demands, he'd still want to stay up and listen to another so I often must refuse him; however, it's such a wonderful delight to see how much they both are enjoying the stories. Just before tucking them in, I also do a small scripture reading in proverbs and always try to emphasize in our prayers the importance of wisdom before understanding and the fear of the Lord and constant pursuit of Him and His Kingdom--walking with Him always and forever.

    We use to be able to read nearly ever night but now that I'm on campus, I'll have to reserve a very special time over the weekend to continue reading to them. I hope to read to them many stories by many authors before the Fall and Winter are through.

    Along with that I also hope to do some of my own reading. I've become so intrigued by literature lately that I've decided to really get involved with the classics and catch up on some of the greatest literature, romantics, and even fairy tales. I owe a dept of gratitude to some very special students--who are very special friends--for this new passion of mine. Their interest in traditional art and the amount of knowledge and experiences they have had and shared is far beyond describable and it is difficult to fully express how thankful I am to receiving such a wealth of unsurpassable desire for that which is truly worth pursing--worlds created with words.

    With such words I hope to transport to places and experience things I've never even dreamed of or seen in life or movie screens.

    Though many of us age physically and may only apear to be a certain age, something I've discovered about learning and reading is the gaining of experience. Though one may look and even feel old physically it is not quite the same as looking and feeling old with experience and thus I believe I've discovered a way to feel more alive with longevity and while also gaining a more satisfied and prudent devotion to God and His wonderful creation.

    So this semester's theme and focus:

    "Aging with Experience, Experience with Reading, Reading with Passion."

    Of course I plan to chronicle and write here daily or as often as I can. For now expect some of my in-depth discoveries from my classes and my readings and even more so with the social happenings here at the school. I also have some pretty amazing friends here on campus that are really more like family whom I also wish to share many great and amazing adventures with.

    The curent party and story continues with Myself, Edward, Gabrielle, and John and...

    "The Midnight Wal-Mart Raid"

    Peace Out! ^_^ \/

    ~The Renaissance Man aka Rob :)

    "My heart is inditing a good matter: I speak of the things which I have made touching the king: my tongue is the pen of a ready writer."

    Saturday, August 14, 2010

    Fire Eyes

    by Rob Oakley

    Passion filled desires leaves it's presence on a weary heart
    Fire Eyes stare back and scream it's never easy for a start
    working night and day on things that never really seem to pay
    my head is sweaty, these hands are bloody, and I'm still not listening
    dreams seldom put to sleep these visions
    all I thought I needed was a little provision

    like fire needs air while chocking on it's smoke

    Light a flame
    watch embers burn
    slowly vaporized

    Light my eyes
    See a soul that's torn
    now only tranquilized

    For Fire Eyes stare back and scream it's never been easy
    can't feel the passion, can't see through my gaze
    Fire Eyes fixed betwixt a promise of heaven and this hellish haze

    What feels so temporary and worth only something in the end?

    Fire Eyes now turned to ash,

    blind (so blind)

    but can finally see...

    this passion filled heart of mine was never meant for me.

    "My heart is inditing a good matter: I speak of the things which I have made touching the king: my tongue is the pen of a ready writer."

    Thursday, August 12, 2010

    A Simple Nothing

    Some beginnings start with a simple nothing. A quite sort of nothing, the nothing you might have heard just before opening the cover of a book. Quietly turning a few pages, the eyes close for a moment just before the first chapter seeing nothing but the back of the eye lids and a dark sort of nothing; a familiar yet queer darkness that one rarely sees. The page turns, a slight rubbing of fine paper grains grind together—a sound much like the string of a universe colliding with another. The eyes open wide to gaze upon a title and a descriptive line of entire realms one may have only dreamed. To think it all could be created within a blink. But that is just the start as one begins to read, a world begins to grow! Though as loud as a bang and quick and bright as lightning an adventure then unfolds leading you, dear reader, wherever you want to go.

    "My heart is inditing a good matter: I speak of the things which I have made touching the king: my tongue is the pen of a ready writer."

    Wednesday, August 11, 2010


    So new post... It's late at night and lately I haven't been sleeping well. In fact, I would diagnose myself with mild insomnia. My last post was exciting and all about challenging myself and accomplishing goals and well I would like to report that these goals are being met that my challenges are being conquered but this is (in reality) a vague truth. Though to a great degree I've accomplished some of the things I've set out to do, I still am always left with a feeling of malcontent... The library bookshelves are very well stocked and in an orderly fashion. Yet, the room is still very disorganized as I am in great need of more shelves to say that this project can be fully complete. *sigh* And yes, this is some of what has kept me up at night lately.

    It sounds so ridiculous but it's the truth but yet still vague because there are several other things that keep me up at night--like the horror of my dreams...

    Not nightmares for I do not have many nightmares but rather dreams that are so realistic and even so perfect that I fear not the dream... But waking up from the dream...

    Time seems to move so quickly now and days and staying up late I guess is one way I try to slow time down but it only makes me extremely tired and drowsy for the coming day rendering me quite useless and even dead to some degree. So I think I shall try to sleep at a regular schedule but oh how I frown upon the coming day, oh how I wish not to face it just yet...

    I've come to feel like all the responsibilities I have has only made me into a more irresponsible person that if I cannot 100% dedicate myself to one thing and one thing only I'll go mad! I'm not big into multitasking.... It makes one tend to forget a great deal about well... Details... And I'm a very forgetful sort of person.

    Now I feel like I'm just rambling. It's nice to ramble. It's even nicer to have someone listen to it.... I don't know why I feel the need to post this but perhaps someone will find it beneficial in some way though it really is only helping myself.

    I feel like such a selfish person and just by admitting it makes me feel all the more selfish.

    I just need to sit awhile...

    And do...


    *laughs softly*

    I find that a bit Ironic... Because as I sit and hope not to ponder, I'll still be doing something and it makes no deference stealing so much time from myself by just trying to do nothing.

    So that's the end of it. I'll think of nothing more to say... Though as this post is published I'll still be typing away in the far depths of my mind typing untold stories of a hell that torments my soul. Not knowing, not knowing, not knowing, not knowing, not knowing...

    Where--that is--to where I am going...

    Goodnight, I bid you all ado... Sleep well and do tell me how it is you feel? Tomorrow, let me not know who you are. Today, please say you'll give me just the chance to know that yesterday was truly worth the while; that I can sleep tonight in peace; the next day is but a skip. But now into a dream I go repeating the desire, the fear, and the creation of a world most fare but seldom and wild--beyond my reach-- and out of my control.

    "My heart is inditing a good matter: I speak of the things which I have made touching the king: my tongue is the pen of a ready writer."

    Wednesday, July 14, 2010

    Building the Family Library

    So 1st Summer Session at the Lone star College is finally over and I can put Spanish behind me and focus on some things around home. I won’t have much to do now aside from the reading I’m planing to do so I’ve decided to take on a few challenges until the Summer comes to a close.

    So my first challenge is organizing and cataloging the family Library. I’ve take some time to research the necessary steps and well it appears to be fairly simple. Though I won’t be using anything extravagant like the Dewy Decimal System or the system they have set up at the Library of Congress, I quite simply will place the family collection in general categories such as Health and Science and Nature; Children Stories and Picture Books; Christianity and Spiritual Growth; Government and History; Geography and Reference; Education and “How-Tos”; and Fiction and Non-Fiction. While I sort the books in those categories I will also sort them alphabetically according to author and book title. Easy, right?

    We actually have a LOT of books and it’s going to take some time to catalog them all on my computer, but thankful with the advent of the Internet age it shouldn’t be all that bad. I found this rather ingenious website called “LibraryThing.” It allows me to search for my books online then add them to a virtual library. That way my database can be stored safely onto a web server and even shared with others.

    Why am I going through all this trouble? Well, like I said, the family has a LOT of books and I just want to take up this challenge to make it a little easier to find something on any particular topic. It’s another mission of mine to help plant a strong interest in discovering the world through books in not only myself but my younger siblings. I regret not reading much as a child and It would seem I have some catching up to do so why not share the experience and make it something worthwhile for the whole family?

    Can’t wait till it’s all finished: it’s going to look and feel fantastic.

    Ciao for now!

    ~The Renaissance Man

    "My heart is inditing a good matter: I speak of the things which I have made touching the king: my tongue is the pen of a ready writer."

    Tuesday, July 13, 2010

    In the Beginning. . .

    In the beginning was the Logos. And the Logos was set in motion creating all things seen and unseen. The Logos is the word and the word comes from the ultimate source of all things made and unmade. The Logos is Truth that comes from the source which all things were made and must return. The truth is the word and the word is conveyed in vast formations--plain and mysterious.

    The logos is a living entity and exists in all things. Yet all things come from the source: a single entity that binds and creates all things known and unknown.

    The Logos, the word, and the source are synonymous symbols by which Truth can be found. . .

    Through the word. . .

    Through light. . .

    Through sound. . .

    Through motion. . .

    The Logos set in motion creates all things seen and unseen; known and unknown; made and unmade.

    The Logos speaks this way so that you can better understand. . .

    To speak through metaphors can the Truth be inspired that then when the Truth finds you can the Logos be understood.

    Let the Logos speak.

    Let the people hear.

    Let the Truth find you.

    For the Truth cannot be found lest the Truth finds you first.

    Through the word, through light, through sound, and motion.

    John 1:1 (ESV)

    1In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2He was in the beginning with God. 3All things were made through him, and without him was not any thing made that was made. 4In him was life,a and the life was the light of men. 5The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

    "My heart is inditing a good matter: I speak of the things which I have made touching the king: my tongue is the pen of a ready writer."

    Friday, July 2, 2010

    Pregnancy Help Center of West Houston video teaser from Steve Hebert on Vimeo.

    "My heart is inditing a good matter: I speak of the things which I have made touching the king: my tongue is the pen of a ready writer."

    Monday, June 21, 2010

    My Home

    This is my home
     I’m all alone

    This is my dare
    Don’t stop and stare

    When you see me sitting out on the porch

    This is my home
     I’m all alone

    Who only dreams of a forgotten past

    This is my home
    I'm all alone

    This is my plea
    That you’ll stop to visit me

    Ask me of my dreams of forgotten past

    Listen to my tales
    The numbers vast

    And when you leave
    Forget not my home

    And maybe I won’t feel so alone.

    Friends have come and past
    But family forever lasts

    My home is my heart
    And you're welcome to stay

    I'll always love you
    Even when you have to go away

    The tears fall like raindrops 
    reminding not of cloudy days

    Instead the sun shine 
    And the beautiful raindrop noise

    that always recalls 
    the brightest of joys

    Tears are made for our sake
    to show us that we care

    I may not always catch them
    But I try always to be there

    For tears, just like raindrops
    Are meant to be shared

    This is my home
    I'm never really alone

    For all of you
    my family and friends 

    will always be there
    to the very end

    My heart was never empty 
    it was always complete

    Now knowing this life worth living

    was walked not only
     by my own two feet

    This is my home
    it is indeed my heart

    For now I can see

    A life with a grand new start

    This is my home
    I'm never alone

    While thinking of you
    This will always be true

    "My heart is inditing a good matter: I speak of the things which I have made touching the king: my tongue is the pen of a ready writer."

    Friday, May 14, 2010

    Stained Glass Without a Sun

    I am Stained with colours 
    I am Strained of Impurities 

    I am etched of poetry 
    I am drawn with delicacy 

    I am here where you can see
    I am drawn so you can understand

    My story

    My life 

    My past, present, and future. . .

    But today my stained colours are dim
    My impurities back again

    My poetry slacked 
    And drawn without tact 

    For who am I?

    To think I could shine brighter then any of you...

    I am here where you cannot see 
    I am drawn but you cannot understand

    My story

    My life

    My gifts, strengths, and dreams...

    I am stained glass without a sun

    To shine through me
    To shine for me
    To shine for you

    So we can see...

    The beautiful colours that are not made by me...

    But for us

    So we can see...

    Our story

    Our life

    Our hopes and dreams...

    Behold the curtains are drawn
    And we hide so ever shamefully 

    Take our stained glass, 
    Take our colours,

    Our story

    Our life

    Our past, present, and future...

    Our hopes and dreams...

    And share it with the world

    For stained glass without a sun

    Cannot shine on it's own.

    Draw up the curtains

    And let the sun in.

    Glow bright, straight, and true

    for our colours are beautiful indeed.

    But I need a sun, as do we all

    For stained glass without a sun is dim indeed...

    Open up your curtains

    Let the sun shine through

    So our life, our story, our savior...

    Can come into.

    Our hearts

    Our minds

    Our souls

    For evermore...


    Matthew 5:14-16

    14 “You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden. 15 Nor do they light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house. 16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.

    "My heart is inditing a good matter: I speak of the things which I have made touching the king: my tongue is the pen of a ready writer."

    Wednesday, April 14, 2010

    The Effects of Media


    The Effects of Media


    Writing in the Social Sciences WRIT 2306-02 3 

    Presented to 

    Dr. Suanna Davis 


    Robert Oakley 

    April 14, 2010


    It is up to educational boards and business alike to maintain their integrity to keep both current and future societies well informed and educated on the changing times. Many studies are taken into consideration providing informative research concerning issues in electronic forms of education, media violence, information literacy, persuasion theory, and political propaganda. The electronic age continues to pursue forward: the way communication is developed, coded, and decoded is constantly changing. However, some communities and individuals may be left behind or even mislead if not taken carefully through the technological advancement.

    Keywords: Mass Media, Media Education, Media and Information Literacy, Media Violence, Media Propaganda, Academic integrity.

         Studies show an impact of electronic forms of communication and curriculum in both business and educational worlds. Students from pre-k to college find a positive outlook in their new experience learning, as what once was merely textbook and theory is now physical and sensational.

         Media education is an excellent way to develop courses and programs for children and their learning environments as television, video games, and the internet are already customary in their daily lives (Baltruschat, 2004).

         The great phenomenon of media has for long been presented as a source of entertainment but not necessarily for education. The exposure to media is unavoidable and increasingly integrates society in a number of ways including the world of academics. One major aspect and concern, however, are the positive and negative effects media has on an individual at both early and higher levels of development.

         Very few studies have investigated the demographical issues of media effects on children younger then six, such as Anand & Krosnick’s 2005 study in predicting the amount of media used among infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. Whereas other studies have investigated the effects on high school and college students in both extracurricular and crosscurricular situations. Whether it be for pure enjoyment of the vast amounts and forms of communications or a deeper approach to understanding the world that surounds, researchers are hard at work discovering what role media plays on individuals and societies alike, including how its effects can be channeled to benefit both in immense ways.

    Media in Early Development

         For centuries books and written forms of communication have been a primary method for sharing and exploring new ideas. Although the written word may never die, the way it is presented will always continue to progress and change. A study in the Netherlands explores the possibilities of text in electronic form and investigates the use of electronic books and how children understand story and character development in both traditional and electronic forms (De Jong & Bus, 2004). As traditional bound books featured physical turning pages, the electronic versions featured animated illustrations and interactivity. Both methods were equally understood by said children yet some of the responses and effects varied.

         In De Jong and Bus’ (2004) study, kindergarten students were observed using interactive books and computer software with features that allowed readers to involve themselves with the stories by selectable screens and objects that would lead to strings of animations and interactivity. The major concern was whether or not the interactivity was too distracting for children in early development to fully comprehend the stories. Most media require a passive viewing where little thinking and processing are involved. This is where most of the concern comes from concerning the extensive use of new media in education. Though the ability for children to read on their own still may always require the close guidance of parents, this study provides results that suggest that is such the case. It is determined, then, that the close involvement of children and adults reading together may remain crucial at certain levels of development.

         The concluding research found that reading several times stimulates children to be more vigilant toward details while at the same time expanding their vocabularies. For further research, scientists could also consider what factors influence developers of these interactive stories and reveal how they are trying to create a better learning experience for young children (De Jong & Bus 2004).

         One other aspect from the electronic books is that children were able to interact with the stories creating a more hands on experience. Children with traditional bound books were left with standard illustrations, yet both groups showed the same amount of interest and comprehension of the stories. A final factor is the ability of the children to recreate the stories and to visualize them with only standard text as their imaginations develop (De Jong & Bus, 2004).

         By making media a part of education and curriculum, a large involvement of students of all ages and stages of learning prove to be a much more enjoyable experience. Interactive media has been a fast growing trend in society and schools showing impressive results while having hands-on study and homework assignments has increased student participation and readiness in real world environments. Furthermore, the production process has allowed students to engage media education to learn more about mass media and the influence it has on themselves and their society (Baltruschat, 2004).

         Hobbs and Frost’s 2003 study researches the interpretation of media used not only in educational environments but also those on television and advertisements. Currently, some schools are developing curriculum in media literacy allowing students an opportunity to better interpret the process messages within each program they observe.

        Two high school groups in one study were assigned to undergo a series of exercises where they needed to identify certain elements in written, audible, and visual forms. One group was given no specific instructions and the other a new experimental curriculum (Hobbs & Frost, 2003). Both groups showed varied results showing a contrast between what students needed to know about media and what they already knew.

         For further research, De Castell and Jenson’s 2005 observations of a new and quickly emerging educational field--videogames--could be of great use into understanding the future of education. The separation of work and play appears to be of the greatest concern among participants. Once they discover they are having to work to achieve goals, the process no longer seems voluntary or enjoyable. Despite this, video game developers are consistently coming up with new ways to stimulate the mind with games, puzzles, and simulations that keep an active player living and learning together at once.

          What could be even more exciting is the use of virtual reality in some cases mostly
    including some colleges as courses in theatre explore the use of computer generated sets to teach scenography to emerging students in the new generation of visual communications (Kuksa, 2009).

         Although media and media education shows great promise in immense advancement for individuals at several different levels of learning, there are some negative effects to consider as the influence of media is just as strong in producing adolescence and violence.

    Media Violence, Adolescents, and Influence

         Adolescence and violence among teenagers has gone far beyond the hallways of schools and even beyond teenagers as the internet evolves into a new playground of violent behavior. Internet bullies have become quite common around the World Wide Web and is a serious issue; however, there are many researchers developing ways to try and ease the social status of these types of individuals. In Cileziz’s 2009 study, the implication of media use in internet cafes as social phenomenon may be able to reform the way many educate themselves and socialize in controlled and understanding environments. Although computers and internet technologies may be a direct link to adolescent behavior, development of a better sense of how to make the social experience more enjoyable and safer for all participants has much needed potential in educational and political arenas.

         Legitimizing education in video games has been a tough case but video games that are designed to educate proper behavior and tactics for successful living could, in fact, also be promoting violent behavior--especially coming from the contemporary and most popular first-person shooters. Although the video game industry has been strictly for entertainment purposes, many are trying to develop games to stimulate positive mental development and social skills. It is arguable that it may not necessarily be that digital games are to blame for the increase in violent behavior rather it may be a lack of observing decaying ethics in the new digital age (De Castell & Jenson,2005).

        Anderson et al. (2003) argues that violence in mainstream television and video games may also still be a primary factor in leading society to adolescent and aggressive behavior. In this study the relationship youth have between their intake of violent mediums of entertainment (especially videogames) and their behavior in the real world are examined closely. Though violence in media is indeed a problem as evidence clearly shows there were some limitations concerning a call of action necessary to reduce the effects of violence as the result of overexposure.

         Furthermore, media violence could also explain a cause for racial bias and prejudice as found in a two-study experiment focusing on the relationship of televised demonstrations of violence and race. Whether what is shown through fictional broadcast is affecting the viewers’ prejudice in real-world situations the results between both studies remain consistent to some degree showing that the race of any televised character has note-worthy effects on the emotions and mindset toward non-white citizens outside the settings of broadcast television. (Mastro, Lapinski, Kpacz, & Behm-Morawitz, 2009)
    This may conclude that a better method toward properly interpreting media is at hand as what is crucial in academic literacy and integrity could also be used towards informing a culture of the critical thinking skills necessary to separate fiction from real life scenarios.

    Media Literacy

         Technological skills and the ability to properly interpret media is shaping most society where a job, an education, or even citizenship will rely on an individual’s ability to use and understand new forms of communication. The electronic age continues to pursue forward: the way communication is developed, coded, and decoded is constantly changing. However, some communities and individuals may be left behind or even mislead if not taken carefully through the technological advancement.

         Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) is at the heart of a new revolution in the way people think, what they value, and how they behave. As for the technologically declined or illiterate, they could very well be left behind in the stone-age of written forms of communication being denied jobs, education, and even legitimized citizenship all because of a lack of computer and technological ability (Valentine & Holloway 2002).

         In a study done by Valentine & Holloway (2002), they focused more on the future, the children of technology or “Cyber kids.” The study included extensive interviews with professionals and closely examined the relationships under development in both real-world and virtual-world environments. While investigating the acts and behaviors of children, the main topic of discussion tends to lean to what future society holds and seems fruitful; however, it would be wise to include what a common man can do to survive in the new virtual and high-speed society.

         Because younger generations represent a very different and new emerging culture, some research is being done to analyze how parents feel about their children’s exposure to media. By using third-party perspective of parents and other children, researchers avoid what is described as self-enhancement. This is to say that interviews and studies based on performance that are left to an individual will almost always end up way above average. Statistically speaking, this is impossible; wherefore, scientists took a new approach into discovering what true effects media has on children both positive and negative. More specifically, studies are looking into how media influences a child’s (un)disability for materialism and how this effects their behavior. (Meirick, Sims, Gilchrist, & Croucher, 2009).

         Another study looks closely at media bias and its presence in news coverage concerning the Iraqi war. More specifically, the study examines the relationship between two majorly competing networks, CBS and Fox, and their audiences. The term “persuasion theory” is mentioned thoroughly explaining how these tactical forms of communication can mislead well-educated audiences just as well as those with no education at all. Research reveals that a critical eye over news media needed by its viewers as its role in informing the populace sways from one political party to the other (Johansen & Joslyn 2008).

         As mentioned earlier, the effects of media and media literacy are taken into consideration in Hobbs & Frosts 2003 study using data gathered from two separate eleventh-grade English student groups One group was assigned to critically examine and interpret print, audio, and visual media while the other was given no specific instructions or guidelines. The objective was to see the advantages and disadvantages of presenting students with a curriculum that guided their understanding towards properly identifying media aspects such as targeted audience and process messaging. There was a great contrast between students who were educated on media literacy and those who were not. Although one can assume the great amount of exposure to media in the information age would constitute a natural understating on the presented material, this study goes to length revealing a necessity to educate students to properly engage and comprehend the literacy behind all mediums of communication.

         A final example of media dependency and over reliance is that in smaller community colleges, the aid to new students is lacking as many factors revealed in Deil-Amen and Rosenbaum’s 2003 study showing that students are not receiving the social know-how they need to be successful. Many students do not receive one-on-one counseling concerning their major are left with only current students for aid in choosing appropriate courses. A suggested means to counteract the lack of social skills is the implication of computer aided technologies; however, it may not be effective to learn social skills from a machine. Through better interaction with the people behind the courses rather then simply improving new student’s awareness of computer aided technologies could also be a sign of poor media literacy and understanding of its limitations.


         Society will forever use words to express themselves--the means of how one does this is in a constant flux of change from the way one says something to how he says it. The new extremes of what technology can communicate throughout the world is a demonstration of incredible power, power that must be taken into careful consideration and responsibility. Researches will continue to observe the intriguing activity of media education and development as both positive and negative aspects will be taken into an account. Although both media consumer and creator influence remains somewhat ambiguous as each individual value varies from person to person, there still remains a format of proper interpretation and representation of all that surounds. Any misuses or misleading material should be perfectly understood as such as each individual has a right to achieve an amble amount of skills to correctly understand the messages being portrayed in all forms of media. As media is used to teach and learn new experiences, the information age will also require courses in media literacy as studies have shown that little is understood about mediocracy unless properly enforced. It has also been observed that even the youngest of citizens can be majorly influenced by media up until they attend universities in higher education. Even then, individuals and society alike could still be subject to misinformation or harmful effects due to negative influences improperly interpreted as appropriate behavior. As art influences life, so does life influence art; as communications changes so does society, and as society changes, so does communications. It is up to educational boards, business, news networks, and individuals alike to stay on top of the changing times to ensure both current and future societies will advance and prosper in this roaring sea of digital information.

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    "My heart is inditing a good matter: I speak of the things which I have made touching the king: my tongue is the pen of a ready writer."

    Tuesday, April 13, 2010

    Logos Kinon

    So I’ve been following around the blog-sphere and started to notice something that some blogs have that mine doesn’t.

    A theme...

    I thought I had a theme... In fact, it would appear that the theme of this blog is fairly obvious but I don’t think I’ve ever come out and admitted that [I] even knew what it was...

    The name has always been “Renaissance Man.”


    Well that is something I aspire to be. . .

    It’s a life long pursuit, yes, but what pursuit in life isn’t?

    I honestly had no clue what I wanted to be when I grew up because I couldn’t make up my mind... I was also scared that whatever I chose to become wouldn’t make me happy, I’d change my mind but it would be too late... I had to be certain! But I just couldn’t choose to do any one thing, because I knew that any one thing couldn’t make me happy.

    I use to tell people, then, that I wanted to be a jack of all trades but master of none.

    I soon realized that employers and businesses don’t like to hear this sort of thing: they rely upon individuals with very specific skills and character traits.

    Well, there’s nothing really wrong with wanting to know how to do all sorts of different things or to desire many different abilities; however, it’s still important to find what you’re really good at and stick with it--also know as “finding your niche.”

    “What am I good at?” was the next question...

    Photography and graphic art are two things I’ve always loved and enjoyed...

    I love taking pictures and I love manipulating them to make something out of this world!

    I love talking about it, can’t stop thinking about it, and I love teaching others about it all the time.

    It didn’t stop there, though, and that’s when life started to get really interesting.

    Still images are amazing things and like they say, “A picture speaks a thousand words”

    I then thought to myself, “I enjoy speaking words of encouragement especially through my writing and my photographs... But if a picture speaks a thousand words, then how many words are spoken in moving pictures or film?”

    The standard film rate in American cinema is 24 frames per second.

    And a feature length film is said to be an average of 90 to 120 minutes in length

    1000 words times 24 fames times 60 seconds times 120 minutes equals 172,800,000 words!

    Of course, I’m not just talking about the dialog, and yes, one cannot take in a single frame of film as they can a single photograph; however, the possibilities of communicating ideas and the amount of skill that goes into this extensively collaborative business is incredible!

    So incredible... That I’m sure it’s what I want to do for the rest of my life...

    You take film and you get both a collaborative effort extensively involved in both art and science.

    Am I capable of being the best at every little aspect of film making? Of course not. But working in film still gives me the chance to use what gifts I do have and mix and match them with the gifts others have. I’m not so bright when it comes to music, but I can still use what little knowledge I have to work with someone who has dedicated his or her life to musical theory. I may not be that great of a craftsmen, but who knows? I may get to work with some of the greatest craftsmen this world has ever known. And to think, it can all happen on the set of a film.

    I now like to think of the renaissance man and the filmmaker as synonymous--one and the same...

    I now realize that, overall, this has been something I’ve been wanting to achieve since I was learning more about art in high school.

    I was home schooled in fact which could be of no surprise considering that many other renaissance souls out there were home schooled also.  But now, at twenty years of age, I am encouraged to share that I am attending University seeking a degree in mass communications with emphasis in film production, cinematography, digital editing, and motion design.

    As for my writing... I shouldn’t desire to limit my scope in the film industry only. So while I may not always speak of filmmaking or whatever I may be working on at the time, I should like to discuss things beyond that.

    I try not to seem like an activist of sorts. I tend to remain neutral on most controversial issues. Instead, I would seek to share what little wisdom I have found through life and scriptures not to point out the wrong in life, but to expound on how we all can live better.

    Whether I’m doing it here on my blog or hopefully someday in film, I shall strive to be of what encouragement I can  while seeking advancement in both art, science, and the word of God.

    Of course, what little life I have left in this fascinating universe will be dedicated to He who as made me. All glory be to God and God alone. Amen.

    So what is the theme of my blog?


    If the Pen is Mightier then the sword...

    If the word of God is sharper than any two edged sword...

    If a Picture Speaks a Thousand Words...

    If Film Is Thousands of Moving Pictures

    Then the theme of my blog is this:

    "Ho Logos Kinon"--The Moving Word

    Finally, for anyone who is interested in art or science or both; for anyone in search of encouragement; for anyone interested in film production, photography, or graphic design; for anyone interested in sharing some deep thoughts in this sea of information, I hope you find yourself welcome here.

    To any renaissance man (or women) out there,

    God speed,

    ~Rob Oakley  (An aspiring Renaissance Man)

    "My heart is inditing a good matter: I speak of the things which I have made touching the king: my tongue is the pen of a ready writer."

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    Monday, March 29, 2010

    You know that feeling...

    The feeling you get when you’re asleep but you still feel like you’re awake?

    It’s a restless tossing and turning that all thanks goes to having too much on the mind...

    I understand the necessity of resting the eyes and the feet, I tend to do it even when I feel the need during the day. But my mind... My mind seems to never sleep, never rest.

    And it’s not a simple shutdown that I’m looking for, but a pattern of thought that ends.

    To take everything I was thinking about the day before, or anything I’m worried about, and just stop thinking about it...

    Being anxious for nothing isn’t nearly as easy as it seems...

    But I would do good to at least put myself in a position where I didn’t have to worry about anything because I took the responsibility of securing whatever it is I’m concerned about. I asked questions, I did my research, I tied the loose ends, I even said I was sorry...

    Yet still, I feel like I can never get any sound and peaceful rest...

    Sometimes I get too much sleep... In fact, I think sometimes I get just enough and the truth behind my lack of rest is I’d rather be resting then living... This would explain why I’m so worried about getting up the next day, the tossing and turning comes from me not wanting to face any present or future consequences.

    I’m really not afraid of getting dirty... But I tend to avoid it whenever I can.

    This will surely lead me to failure and even. . .


    They say that one third of your life is spent sleeping...

    Let’s start making more of what two thirds we have left...

    "My heart is inditing a good matter: I speak of the things which I have made touching the king: my tongue is the pen of a ready writer."

    Sunday, March 28, 2010

    Straylight Run and my 100th blog post

    For the Best


     Straylight Run

    And it takes more time than ive ever had,

    drains the life from me, makes me want to forget.
    As young as i was, i felt older back then, 
    more disciplined, stronger and certian. 
    But i was scared to death of eternity,
    i was saved by grace and destroyed by naivety,
    and i lied to myself and said it was for the best.

    So now faith is replaced with logic so cold,
    ive disregarded what i was now that im older.
    And i know much more then i did back then,
    but the more i learn the more i cant understand.
    And ive become content with this life that i lead,
    where i drink to much and dont believe in much of anything.
    And i lie to myself, and say its for the best.

    Were moving forward but holding ourselves back, and were waiting on something that will never come...
    Were moving forward but holding ourselves back, and were waiting on something that will never come

    Were moving forward but holding ourselves back, and were waiting on something that will never come (And i lie to myself, and say its for the best)
    Were moving forward but holding ourselves back, and were waiting on something that will never come(And i lie to myself, and say its for the best)
    Were moving forward but holding ourselves back, and were waiting on something that will never come (And i lie to myself, and say its for the best)
    Were moving forward but holding ourselves back, and were waiting on something that will never come (And i lie to myself, and say its for the best)

    This song was sent to me by a dear friend of mine and I wanted to pass it on myself...

    I suppose this is a large stepping stone for me. Not only is this my 100th post but I'll also be turning 20 years old with in the next 48 hours. 

    I'll put it in the way my friend did.

    I'm not scared.

    I'm terrified.

    It's not that I'm scared of change or getting older...

    I'm scared of not knowing, not seeing, not hearing the sweet abyss speak to me the words of wisdom and devine counsel... To know, to see, to hear what the future holds for me...

    There's plenty of knowledge in the world and the writing of many books there will be no end...

    But to be wise in knowing, to understand, to discover--who I am and what I am for. . .

    My life isn’t as typical as I once thought... I feel that I now live with a much higher purpose and I continue to suppress all that would make me ordinary. I long to make my mark in this universe, but am without means or desire... Because it would not be for my own glory but of that which made me... There is no more authentic originality in my work for it is nothing more than reflections of what has already been made; wherefore, I am a procreator that projects life on the walls of emptiness and nothing more...

    I long to create life just as my creator before me. To breathe into new worlds of my own inspiration, to share such worlds with others through whatever effective means I have to my disposal.

    To release from this flawed earth and escape my shell is what I long for most. . .

    For I am indeed a spirit going though a painful and confusing human existence...

    Yet I endure for the sheer pleasure of life--The taste of the air is sweet and the sights are even more desirable...

    But there is nothing to gain, nothing worth while, nothing worth pursuing without the love, without the grace, without the glory of God being the central purpose.

    I was created to serve.

    And before man, I will serve the Lord.

    Although I'll begin to change outwardly, bodily, and ideally, I hope and pray that my heart will never change.

    I will always look at the universe not for it's complexity...

    But for it's wonder.

    God, make in me a true servent that longs for nothing but you and you alone.

    Grant me the faith of a child and the love of a son.


    "My heart is inditing a good matter: I speak of the things which I have made touching the king: my tongue is the pen of a ready writer."