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    Monday, August 23, 2010

    Renaissance Man Set in Motion

    Scott and I wearing hats Edward Brought us from Indonesia

    Day One. Judging form the above picture, need I really say more? *smiles*

    My anticipation over the end of summer, the day just before yesterday, is gone. It has happend and I will not frown because it is over but instead smile because it happend--that is what makes all the difference for me.

    So the past is past: my studies at Lone Star and my work at Chick Fil A are complete. Now I am officially moved into campus at Houston Baptist University for my second year of school and third semester at the university where I'll be continuing my undergard studies in Spanish, Christianity, Chemistry, and continuing my specific interest and major field of study in Mass Communications and Film Production.

    For any of you who are interested in the specific courses I'll be taking, I have Spanish Proficiency, Christian Doctrine, Intro to Chemistry, and TV Production II.

    Along with my studies I'll also be actively working with the Rex Fleming Players, a student organization dedicated to providing a visual arts experience in performance and technical theatre. I am the Players' Historian and am looking very much forward to taking pictures of our activities and writing stories of our adventures.

    Speaking of adventures...

    I got to go on one just last night but I'll chronicle that a little later...

    For now I just want to send a brief update of my life's happenings--I am safe, I am content, and I am deeply blessed.

    Though I'll be living on campus, I am very happy to be living so close to home giving me the opportunity to spend great quality time with the family on the weekends.

    As for some of my projects and challenges...

    The Library is still under construction but has gone through great progress. The shelves and books are very organized though I am yet to archive them into my computer and was recently informed that along with the four some odd boxes stacked in the corner of the room there is also a closet full to sort through.

    I do not believe I've taken the time to report on the pleasure of my recent readings of CS Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia. Another challenge I set for myself is to read the entire Chronicles out loud to my siblings. Right now we're nearly finished with Voyage of the Dawn Treader and is turning out to be quite the favorite among Russell and Madylin who are nine and seven years old respectively. Sometimes I have some difficulty getting Madylin to sit still and listen. Russell on the other hand is so intrigued by the readings that sometimes he won't let me tuck him into bed unless I try to read at least one more chapter. Even if I did succumb to his demands, he'd still want to stay up and listen to another so I often must refuse him; however, it's such a wonderful delight to see how much they both are enjoying the stories. Just before tucking them in, I also do a small scripture reading in proverbs and always try to emphasize in our prayers the importance of wisdom before understanding and the fear of the Lord and constant pursuit of Him and His Kingdom--walking with Him always and forever.

    We use to be able to read nearly ever night but now that I'm on campus, I'll have to reserve a very special time over the weekend to continue reading to them. I hope to read to them many stories by many authors before the Fall and Winter are through.

    Along with that I also hope to do some of my own reading. I've become so intrigued by literature lately that I've decided to really get involved with the classics and catch up on some of the greatest literature, romantics, and even fairy tales. I owe a dept of gratitude to some very special students--who are very special friends--for this new passion of mine. Their interest in traditional art and the amount of knowledge and experiences they have had and shared is far beyond describable and it is difficult to fully express how thankful I am to receiving such a wealth of unsurpassable desire for that which is truly worth pursing--worlds created with words.

    With such words I hope to transport to places and experience things I've never even dreamed of or seen in life or movie screens.

    Though many of us age physically and may only apear to be a certain age, something I've discovered about learning and reading is the gaining of experience. Though one may look and even feel old physically it is not quite the same as looking and feeling old with experience and thus I believe I've discovered a way to feel more alive with longevity and while also gaining a more satisfied and prudent devotion to God and His wonderful creation.

    So this semester's theme and focus:

    "Aging with Experience, Experience with Reading, Reading with Passion."

    Of course I plan to chronicle and write here daily or as often as I can. For now expect some of my in-depth discoveries from my classes and my readings and even more so with the social happenings here at the school. I also have some pretty amazing friends here on campus that are really more like family whom I also wish to share many great and amazing adventures with.

    The curent party and story continues with Myself, Edward, Gabrielle, and John and...

    "The Midnight Wal-Mart Raid"

    Peace Out! ^_^ \/

    ~The Renaissance Man aka Rob :)

    "My heart is inditing a good matter: I speak of the things which I have made touching the king: my tongue is the pen of a ready writer."

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