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    Monday, August 27, 2007

    Some Quick Highlights of Summer 2007

    Let's see...

    Well, honestly not much happened this year but I'll do my best to jot down what I think is most memorable ;)

    1. The Blog Phenomenon!
    Who do I have to blame for getting me hooked on blogging? Brooke, was it you?
    I think the only reason I got started was because I was lead to the HBF... No wait! I know, I got myself started but I wasn't really bloging I was just show casing my graphics on Blogspot and that's were John told me about HBF! So it's Johns fault!

    Thanks John for getting me started! ;)

    As you may all may already know, I'm a graphic artist! A pretty good one if I may so boldly say but I'll let you decide ;) I've done quite a few graphics over the summer; exploring new realms of abstract, creating amazing subject footage including my best of yet "Nenaglarelendil," web design and redesign, and hopefully much more to come!

    3. Boy Scouts
    I'm a Boy Scout of America. Summer camp this year was exiting and although every year before seemed somewhat the same, this year turned out to be quite fresh and exciting!
    I was recently elected the Senior Patrol leader (highest leadership position ) for the next six months, I put together this quarters video slide show, and we just had our semi-annual planning meeting for next years events.

    4.La Madeleine
    I am an honest employ set at an honest pay at a La Madeleine Bistro and Cafe'/Bakery!
    Not my choice of vocation but it's my bread and butter for now. I have to say I was extremely fortunate to of had the training before hand not offered to anyone else applying as of now meaning to say I am now a trainee...

    More Highlights to come

    Okay, where was I?

    O Yea!

    5. Hearing from Darby!
    I must say it was quite a highlight for me to hear from such a good friend :)
    It was a most pleasant and unexpected surprise. I hope everyone will get to meet her someday :)

    6.My Book 500 GB External Hard Drive!
    I recently purchased a 500 GB External Hard Drive and for those of you who don't realize how extremely huge that is think of storing up to 100,000 songs of about 4 min in length!
    500 BILLION Bytes!!! I'll never run out of space again!


    Not! I'll probably be buying another by the time Christmas rolls in...

    7. Goodness! Is it possible I did or experienced at least ten memorable things?
    Rowan was born! That is most defiantly a highlight for me! I am so glad he is finally here!

    8. I am on the road and dangerous!
    I have a driving license and a car! that's pretty cool! I've been cruising for six months now!!!

    9. Cinenosin Film Academy
    I am part of a fresh, new film academy making an effort to reach homeschooling high school students across the nation. I can't wait till the San Antonio Film Festival!!!

    10. I got my Wisdom Teeth Removed!!!

    I wouldn't really consider that a huge highlight considering I got sick at the same time of recovery but I guess it's the thought that I won't have to do it again EVER again that makes it worth remembering...

    Well, there you have it! Ten things I found most memorable of Summer 2007... If I left anything out of significants it wasn't anything personal... Please remind me!

    O! Here is a bonus!

    Spending some AWESOME quality time at the Boriacks!!! I shared some moments there most memorable...

    Should I go into detail?

    Maybe next time...


    THIS... IS... SPARTA!!!



    For an Irish to speak to his equal he is forced to speak to the almighty...

    HE HE...


    Good times... Good times :)

    Look out school year! Here I come!

    Hasta Luego




    Sunday, August 19, 2007

    NEW POST!!!

    Hey Guys!

    This post is NEW!!!



    Saturday, August 11, 2007

    300 (imagine the world just shook)


    I need to find something better to do...

    I know!

    I'll watch 300 again!!!


    Sunday, August 5, 2007

    He Has Arrived!!!

    Nine months and two weeks early,

    Rowan Mathias Oakley has finally decided to join us for the long strenuous yet wonderful walk of life!!!

    Give him a warm, ferm (but gentle) welcome in your comments and in you hearts ;)

    O! and check out the ears and feet ;)


    Saturday, August 4, 2007

    This Movie Looks pretty SWEET!!!

    But then again, I am yet to read a review...

    All I know so far is that the movie is supposed to be about where the story of King Author came from and so on and so forth...

    I just saw the teaser today and said,"I can't wait to see that!"

    But then again it could whined up being another large disappointment like all those other "King Author" Movies...

    I personally never would ever get tired of the cartoon :)

    Tell me what you think!