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    Saturday, July 12, 2008

    Working Out!

    ----So I was trying to hit the weights this week, you know, get back to the "Y" and work out... But instead I got and excellent opportunity to go out and help a good family friend build his house which beat going to the gym any day!

    I learned how to put in electrical outlets, door knobs, lights, and I learned all about the pain of being electrocuted (Which I don't suggest trying)...

    ---All in all, it was an wonderful handful of days absolutely filled with honest hard work. For once I am happy to come home and with a smile on my face I can honestly say, "The work is done and I feel accomplished."

    Just as a side note I'm also very happy because I got my XM radio to work again!!!


    ---I'll be filling in the rest of these Vacation Updates and highlights relatively soon, in the mean time I think I'll take a shower, finish editing my Uncle's Wedding (Which I'll tell you all about soon), and I think I'll also do some brain storming on this storyboard I have to put together for a music video I'm producing.

    Until next time,

    ~The Renaissance--Man

    Peace Out!


    Captain Bonnie Spinner said...

    A music video? Ohmygoodness! What song? By whom?

    You got electricuted? *trying not to laugh*

    That's really coll that you got to help out like that. Sounds like fun work!

    Re-congrads about your radio. :)

    Captain William Robin said...

    Cool layout! Nice to have you back. Electricuted??? Did it hurt?

    Darby said...

    hey! long time no hear from..... i need to talk to you about last month...... :) :)

    Rob W. Oakley said...

    Hey Bonnie: The I'm helping the pastor of our Church produce a song he wrote into a music video. It's going to be a Christmas Video ^_^

    Will: Having 120 Volts(I think) of electricity go up one arm and out the other isn't something I would want to do over and over; however, it was quite "Shocking" ^_^
    I like the Layout too :) These pics I took of CO are amazing! I'm trying to upload them to Picassa so you can see them too :)

    Hey Darby...

    It has been a long time........ and I would like to talk about last month too......... :) :)

    Captain Bonnie Spinner said...

    Ohmygoodness, that is so cool! I think that's a really good thing to do {make a Christian music vid}. Can you tell us anything about it? Or is it like top secret?

    Marissa said...

    Electricuted??? Speaking of weddings I saw you video at a wedding the other day, and I also saw you break your smaller camera... or maybe it was a cell phone or something, I don't remember.

    Rob W. Oakley said...

    Yes... It hurt... But only a little

    The other day? Try, like, a few months ago... Yeah, I remember seeing you :) I remember breaking my camera too... :(

    :) Good to hear from you! Many more updates to come! So stay tuned :)