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    Tuesday, July 15, 2008

    The “Real” Mountains

    Colorado Springs, Colorado
    -----Gorgeous… Just Gorgeous… That’s the minimum I can say about the divine beauty of the mountains we saw in Colorado and I can rightly say that because truly such a world was created by the divine God almighty. Creation to me is almost holy and can barley be put into words and as for the pictures down below, they simply do not say enough. It was great to be in the Rockies. You can probably tell by now I’ve never been before; however, I’m sure anyone who is reading this and has been before will agree with me to some extent that life in the mountains is magnificent. Unless, of course, you get stuck in a snow storm but that’s when you break out the snow boards and life really begins! I hope to get to do that this fall but it all depends on whether or not it’ll work out, but to get back to the story.
    -----We finally arrived to the great and majestic city of Colorado Springs where we would stay the night and begin exploring such a vast alien world my siblings and I have only seen in postcards and Television. They lied… It wasn’t everything we expected—it was so much more. It’s funny how plans and dreams can seem as just talk but now we were actually living the dream and we all hoped that it would last forever.
    -----Rising early, we are off to behold the famous and glorious Garden of the Gods which is just awesome to think that such an enormous rock formation so unlike the rest of its surroundings could exist. Winding around the red and jagged garden we all with gaped mouths stood in wonder. Begging to get out of the car we made it to the mighty “Leaning Rock” where we first laid steps on a new world filled with new discoveries. It is so much fun to have younger siblings. Just to watch them learn, explore, and wonder about life is in itself an adventure. I am very pleased to of had the opportunity these last eighteen years to have the privilege of being homeschooled and having the chance so many miss to witness the growth of my family. This is totally worth the experience and has increased my joy of life tenfold. To think we still have so much more to do.
    -----After a mere hour or so of exploration, we finial loaded back up the van and headed out to our next stop: the Pikes Peak Cog Railway (say that ten times fast). We would soon travel trough the historical town of Colorado springs and wind our way to the Cog Rail way where we would make our climb up to the top of the world—14,000 ft above the sea.


    Captain Bonnie Spinner said...

    That sounds really profound and fun at the same time! ...That's a really interesting song, at the top of your blog...

    You like snowboarding?

    Rob W. Oakley said...

    It was very profound and so much fun!


    I like the song too :) It's by Sheryl Crow "Soak up the Sun"

    To be honest, I've never been snowboarding but I want to SO BAD!


    I'm getting ready to post a video of the Garden of the God's!

    You all are going to love it!


    ~The Renaissance--Man

    Captain Bonnie Spinner said...

    Haha, me neither. It sounds like fun! Yea, more video! Are more pics coming soon too?

    Captain William Robin said...

    I remember the first day we got to Disney World. The past day of traveling was anticipated by getting there. Once we got there we had to go into MGM to take care of something. We were SO disapointed that we couldn't stay in the park and ride a ride, but we knew that tomorrow we'd be right back there having the time of our lives.