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    Monday, July 21, 2008

    The Pike's Peak Cog Rail Way

    Here are some pics!


    Captain Bonnie Spinner said...

    What's that big purple thing Levi and Luna were holding?

    Render got an Irish t-shirt?! :D

    Rob W. Oakley said...

    It's a prop... I think it's supposed to be a bicycle...

    That T-shirt is awesome!

    He won't let me wear it! >:(


    Captain Bonnie Spinner said...

    HAHAHA! That's funny.

    Those leather jackets were cool, too. Did you get them there? I's not like you really need them in TX...

    Rob W. Oakley said...

    We used to live in Kansas, hello?


    Captain Bonnie Spinner said...


    I had no idea!! Seriously? Wow!

    What was it like?

    Captain Bonnie Spinner said...

    Nice profile pic.

    Rob W. Oakley said...

    It was cold :)

    And we only lived their for seven years but that's pretty much wear our parents grew up and Render, Levi, and I were born ^_^

    Captain Bonnie Spinner said...

    Oh wow! I can't believe I never knew that.

    So you've been here for...1o years? *is not a math genius*

    Rob W. Oakley said...

    That sounds about right :)