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    Tuesday, July 8, 2008

    An Oakley Summer Vacation

    An Oakley Summer Vacation

    By Robert W. Oakley


    A long hard school year finally comes to an end with a distant haze of memory: an eighteenth birthday, an Eagle board of Review, graduation, and the dreaded SAT. The summer finally arrives over the horizon with unbridled joy causing me to forget about the stress and look forward to a new beginning in an adventure I hope to never forget, my very own Oakley family vacation. After the long day of packing up the bags and double checking the list of important things to bring—Myself, Ryan, Reece, Russell, Madelyn, and Rowan—we would all set out of the comfort of home and into our old yet reliable E-150 Conversion Van. . . We've only owned it for seven years. . . However, it has served us very well. I'm sure the thought of driving all the way from Katy Texas to Albuquerque, New Mexico; Colorado Springs, Colorado; Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming; to Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota sounds a little absurd but trust me it is well worth the Trip. Imagine cruising through the beautiful red Desert of New Mexico with its endless stretch of highway and round hills and mountains. Imagine the even more magnificent Garden of the God's hugging the mountainous terrain of Colorado. Finally, you make your way toward the immense Pikes Peak, 14,000 ft. above the sea. Even still, the Wonder of Yellowstone lingers on your mind with its beautiful wild life and its mysterious wonders. The infamous faces of our forefathers would soon be next marking the end of such a great adventure; however, with the thought of home now on your mind, you know you'll miss such beauty, such wonder, and such joyous life. I tell you now friends, a trip like this is indeed well worth the while, for these are the adventures of the Oakley Family and these are their stories they wish to tell and have last forever. Amen

    Heading Out

    New Mexico

    It's simple, right? Make a list, pack the bags, check it twice, and head out. . . Well, coming from a large family of eight I can tell you right now it isn't easy but it's always nice to have the extra hands when it comes time to load up the van. I'll save the head ache and move on. Farwell good home and hello open road! Our first stop is El Paso, TX where we would spend the night hoping for more vast sights to see other than flat terrain. Sure enough the very next day our prayers would be answered with the satisfying red mountains of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Madilyn, our sweat and only sister, was so excited to see such a colossal sight she immediately exclaimed, "Look! Look! A Volcano!" Of Course we all held our tongues at the same time finding it rather difficult to keep from laughing. "You've seen nothing yet" is all I could think. We stayed the night in the cool desert city of Albuquerque with the next day guaranteeing the "Real" deal concerning mountains. Apart from driving some of the time (which I didn't really mind), the trip was turning out just wonderful. One interesting experience while driving the endless highways of New Mexico, we managed to come upon the border patrol and border security. I thought I was going to have to get out and sign agreements and show ID, but sure enough as soon as we made the stop to be inspected, the inspector simply stood up to the van, took a look underneath the car, then gave us the A.O.K for departure. . . Not the most exciting experience but it was an interesting one. . . One thing I would consider exciting though would have to be taking pictures and shooting video. I was determined to insure that this trip would forever last in the Oakley archive of vast adventures which will soon lead to my next adventure, capturing and editing over seven hours of tape plus developing over 16 rolls of film. . . Yep, I'm a trooper when it comes to documentary. New Mexico is simply beautiful and I just couldn't get enough on how gorgeous even the desert can be; however, the trip is far from over, in fact, it still has just begun.


    Marissa said...

    Fun. I like the slideshow.

    Captain Bonnie Spinner said...

    Ditto here. Sounds really fun!

    I like the pics where there's like three people posed on the rocks. And the ones where someone's staring out into space, looking profound.

    Rob W. Oakley said...

    'Ello Peoples!

    Good to hear from you again ^_^

    I have a tone of pics to post!

    They'll be up soon ;)

    Peace Out!


    Captain William Robin said...

    Cool. I wish I was w/ y'all!!