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    Wednesday, January 13, 2010

    Ringo Starr

    So I couldn't sleep last night. . . Well actually I really didn't want to go to sleep but what's the difference?

    I was called up stairs after writing my earlier post and not a day after mentioning them before, low and behold the last of the Beatles was on a night-time talk show. None other then Ringo Starr!

    I honestly don't know too much about him but what little time I had to meet his acquaintance through the telie I will never forget.

    Thank you Insomnia, you've done it for me again. . .

    Haha... That's a joke. Being a college student it's not really a wise thing at all to stay up till three o'clock in the morning and not expect to be exhausted the following day. It's been proven to me that it really doesn't matter when your first class is. If you don't go to bed on a regular schedule and then you sleep in until it's absolutely time to leave... Without a doubt, you're going to be exhausted, confused, and disoriented the entire day. I don't recommend it and I trust it won't be something I'd like to try ever again. Studies have shown that it takes at least an hour for your mind and body to actually wake up. So for now on, I tend to wake up an hour before it's actually time to go. Which means two hours before class actually starts since it takes 45 minutes to drive to school... *long tired sigh*

    I did stay up and watch some really cool animated films on Netflix though. I really enjoyed this one called "Memories" and if you never seen anime and you might be interested in checking something out, I'd definitely recommend this one. It's really three different Anime's in one. It's a trilogy yet each episode doesn't really have anything to do with each other. It's really just a collection of some very well done and I must say intriguing short films all traditionally hand drawn with a little computer aid here and there. The series does give almost everything you could expect in a Japanese animation from it's horror to it's humor, from it's abstract creation to the most basic yet incredible adventures taking mundane and making it marvelous.

    Check it out on IMDB:

    So that was my little inspiration trip as it were... Yet it wasn't a very wise thing to stay up so late to watch it. Yet I'm still glad I did.

    Wednesday, Jan. 13, 2010 I wrote:

    I didn't finally go to bed until 3. . . I have this thing about staying up late and watching Japanese Anime. I find it a very fantastic genre as it continues to prove that the limits to what animation can accomplish are truly next to nothing if not nonexistent.

    This revelation of mine to write often was reinforced with an Ironclad plaiting this morning in my writing class. Learning officially (again) that to write well, I must write often and a good writer writes all the time.

    And I quote BF Skinner:

    "No day without a line"

    Time for Class!

    "My heart is inditing a good matter: I speak of the things which I have made touching the king: my tongue is the pen of a ready writer."

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