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    Wednesday, October 1, 2008

    Eternal Scholar


    By Robert W. Oakley

    Available in ways seen and unseen, edification subconsciously yet consciously embraces the mind of the life-long student, the eternal scholar, who considers learning and discovering a constant venture for the vast amount of information is, quite tranquilly, endless with endless rewards given only to the willing and dedicated. The experience of learning novel things and their deeper meanings, their scores of emotions, and their intricate mysteries form the mind. The discovery of unfamiliar worlds and uncovering their complex culture, their diverse nature, and their unknown territory bring a better sense of belonging, meaning, and purpose. The experience of not just learning but also learning to do it well grants satisfaction and advancement. More imperatively, though, the eternal scholar recognizes the experience of learning and the experience of education does not have to favor a strict or difficult life but, rather, has the potential of glorifying and enjoying life for all eternity.

    Although the veil of uncertainty often warrants difficulty in obtaining an education, hoping for the opportunity only encourages but seeking for opportunity, finding opportunity, and taking advantage of opportunity unveils a much clearer route to learning. In other words, sitting around waiting for the opportunity won’t do any good; therefore, research is required. Generally speaking, learning from mistakes gains the best experience and the best way to learn from mistakes is to observe the mistakes of others in a controlled environment.  Where is such a place? There are many opportunities that can come and go but only a few advantages to truly pick from particularly universities or even community colleges. Although the many roads of life confuses the thought of the highly acclaimed certificates or diplomas, considering college, in many cases, should not render as a choice but an honor, a not-to-miss opportunity of living a joyous, free, and educated life.

    With the constant change of culture, with the constant demands of the world, and with the constant battle for survival within  upper and lower bureaucratic or even chaotic societies, The knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of the complexities, inconsistencies, and anomalies of even the simplest ways of living must utterly equip themselves within the mind. As an explorer uses a compass to find a way through the crashing storm of a raging sea, so should these tools— knowledge, wisdom, and understanding—be used to channel a way around the uncertainties in life. Without these precision tools for seeking out truth, becoming lost, consumed, and even destroyed is of a much higher certainty than a safe passage towards a haven full of bounty.  Truth is imperative to obtain, to know, to understand and one way to achieve such truth, such powerful tools, is to attend a university.

    The void of uncertainty produces fear and fear produces chaos. Ignorance terrorizes but understanding conquers.  There are institutions all over the world taking responsibility of providing tools students need to dilute the unknown and decimate apprehension—Institutions providing a knowledgeable and confident life in education or in a future career. On the one side, college can still seem notorious, unnecessary, or nauseating, but once an understanding is established that college intends to prepare a life full of potential, advantage, and prosperity, the opinions should change. The individual, however, must choose to learn. Without the drive, determination, and devotion of the student, a college cannot bear much help nor could any other form of education whether it is an internship or a practical job. In essence, dedication and hard work assures and preserves success. Colleges want to provide exactly that—a successful and joyful way of living. Not that only failure and despair would transcend for not going to college but the mere advantage shouldn’t go without consideration and the overall opportunity must be seized. College, although necessary, is not absolutely necessary. Much knowledge and wisdom can be obtained from experience and such experience can be obtained through peers, elders, and corporations that offer any experience needed to succeed in life. The best place to find these people, of course, is at a university where almost any thinkable profession and all the experience needed to prefect any given trade is available. 

    There are many success stories of a life without a college education, there are many successful men and women who have made their way very well in the industry who felt that a form of higher education was not necessary for them to succeed; however, many of them would still encourage it for this reason: knowledge is the key to truth and, thus, success. Once opened, this door unlocks a whole other world of opportunity and is free to whoever enters within the gates, the gates of eternal wisdom. One major purpose of life is to obtain knowledge so that the development of the mind can continue. In essence, the meaning of life is to know truth.  Finding that truth is a matter of dedicated study, a devotion to learning, and the mindset of a life-long student—an eternal scholar. With these tools, with these incredible institutions, with this state of mind, anything is possible.



    Render MoonArrow said...

    Dadgum! dis is much shorter then the one I read!

    Render MoonArrow said...

    Real good man!

    Rob W. Oakley said...

    Hey Man! Real good to hear from you and I'm glad you liked the paper ;)

    Stay safe,


    Render MoonArrow said...

    Dude I wanna see yer Directer's cut of Agenesis!

    TheSilhouette32092 said...

    If yo submitted it, does this mean we get to go to San Antonio?

    TheSilhouette32092 said...

    Dat would be So Flippin' Coll!

    Rob W. Oakley said...

    I submitted it but I am yet to find out if I made the semifinals...

    If I make the semifinals then, yeah, we'll get to go to San Antonio ;)

    Captain William Robin said...

    Sweet! That would be awsome! That post was very profound. I posted the list.

    Darby said...

    You submitted Agenesis for the Saicff?? Very nice essay by the way. What did you write it for? I'm taking my dad's writing class right now, and this week I have to write POETRY. Blech. :D I'm trying to be cynical in my writing, as in not writing about the sunset or a rose or something. Most of my poems so far have been about Sarah Palin and Elvis. :D :D

    Rob W. Oakley said...

    Hi Darby,

    I can't tell you how good it is to hear from you :) So are you going to be a senior this upcoming spring semester? Last time we spoke you mentioned you would be cramming an awful lot so you can graduate next year. I hope that is going well for you.

    Anywho, Yes! I submitted Agenesis (The director’s cut) to SAICFF and got an email not too long ago that they got it in the mail and are currently processing it... I won't find out if it made the Semifinalist until Dec. the 12 though... It's encouraging, however, if I don't make it as a semi finalist I can still premier it at SAICFF I just won't be eligible for a jubilee award...

    As for the Essay, I 'm glad you liked it :) It was for my College level English Class 1301, Composition and Rhetoric. I got my grade back just a couple of days ago and received a 90 : D I had two run-ons but other than that I did very well :)

    Have you ever read Jonathan Swift's "A Modest Proposal" If you're going for cynical you should consider this guy’s style... It's a little twisted but he gets his point across in a rather eerie way. It's not a poem but I still think it was pretty good :)

    Poems about Palin and Elvis, eh? I'm taking a mass communication class and we discuss a lot about politics and even Elvis :) We recently finished the part on music so we’re finished with Elvis for now; however, we did learn a great deal about the "King" of Rock and Roll ;)

    Did I mention how good it is to hear from you? ; )

    Take care!

    Your friend,

    ~Rob \/ ^_^

    Darby said...

    Dancing?? Kewl. Our BIG dance of the year is in 13 days, and it's supposed to be 4 hours long. *evil grin* Did I tell you I was in Texas a few weeks ago for a ball? I had a smashing time, and have come to the conclusion that all gentlemen in Texas are exceptionally good dancers. Yes, I will be a senior next year, and after that, hoping to take some classes at comm. college. I certainly hope Agenesis makes it! That would be awesome. I just finished my paper last week that I had to write for my online class. It was "should the state be religiously neutral?" and I argued against it. I should be getting my grade back tomorrow. Speaking of Ms. Palin, I'm assuming you're still voting for McCain?? You should get on Gmail sometime and we can "discuss" that. :D Good to hear from you too, Darby Maeve