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    Tuesday, August 26, 2008

    The First Day of Class

    I knew it was going to be different, I knew it was going to be strange, and, hopingly, I knew it was going to be exciting. There first day of class was like walking into the workforce of a bunch of busy bees. I felt like a drone lost in the hive not sure where to go. But, of course, and like all nature, I had my unique sense of direction to lead the way, lead my way to yet another awkward position. Getting to math class was no sweat since I was assured early, “all of your math and sciences will be located in one building and one building only… Unless of course it is computer programming, that will be located in the technology center.” This is me shaking my head, “of course, of course” and this is me thinking… “What?”

    Thankfully math wasn’t too hard to find and at the same rate it doesn’t look like it won’t be that hard of a class at all. I sat with mixed company. It was the very first time I’ve ever been in a class room as large as it was, but the only real differences I found was that the teacher wasn’t any of my parents, I wasn’t in a room of my house, and there are all of these heads in the way blocking the white board. I sat down with kids and even some adults all seeking a higher education while seeking a better way of life. To my right was a younger lady just trying to finish school and get a degree in business and to my left was an older lady, who is seeking same. Funny thing was that almost everyone I talked to said that there were either getting a degree in business or going into nursing… So far so good and the only thing I have to worry about is making sure I get to class on time, I use a pencil not a pen, and that I have the most expensive calculator because they are the best (just kidding of course).

    Class ends right on time and it’s off to English, composition and Rhetoric where are you? Knowing I had very few moments to spare I made a dash to the nearest information bulletin board where every single class was listed in cluster of headache. Determined to find my class looked and I look and I looked but couldn’t find it! I said, “Where is it?!?!” And someone next to me said, “What?”

    I said, “Where are the English classes?”

    “They’re on the back…”

    “O… Thank you”

    So I quickly peered over the other side revealing yet another long list of classes, their times, and locations. There were rows and rows of them. “Aw!” I said , “there is Composition and Rhetoric” Now all I have to do is find the time and I’ll have the place. There are several classes and several of them, although the same class, have very scattered locations and could be found anywhere in campus. Although English you would think could be found in the arts center, the paper right in front of me plainly said that it was in the mod buildings conveniently located all the way on the other side of campus… So I ran all the way to one side of the campus to get to class, got there just in time, found a seat, and was told I had to write down a profile of myself then draw a picture of my neighbor while having a conversation. So I'm drawing this picture getting to know someone a little better when the teacher start handing out these sheets. The sheets finally found their way to me and I look down... Then I look up... for the last fifteen minutes I was in the wrong class!!!
    I look over to my subject of art then at my neighbor and say, "I'm sorry this doesn't look anything like you, it was nice to meet you, but I'm in the wrong class!" Turns on that there was a Composition/Rhetoric I and II that started at the same time so when I skimmed down the list it was easy for me to find the wrong one... And to top it all off I had to run back other way to the other side of campus!

    So that was my first day of class and today I’ll be conquering yet another day of getting to know my professors, find their classes, and getting to know everyone else a little better. I know that everything is going to be just a.o.k as long as I keep my wits, my humility, and pray for wisdom. Of course, I know that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. As long as I keep my faith in him, everything will be great. Well everyone, Things are looking great and they’re only getting better! Futures so bright, I got to wear shades B^)

    Take care everyone!

    ~Rob aka. The Renaissance--Man


    Captain Bonnie Spinner said...

    LOL! You went to the wrong class? Heehee. You're so funny. Lol...didn't you think drawing a picture of your neighbor was a bit random?

    If it makes you feel any better, today was my first day back and I followed around my friend DJ {which to my forgetfulness had ADVANCED math and I didn't} and when lunch was over, she went to her class and I blinked, realized I was late, and wandered around the deck aimlessly for a total of three minutes. :D

    That sounds really fun and challenging, Rob! I'm sure you'll get in the hang of things soon. Keep us updated. :D What shades did you wear?

    Darby said...

    Sounds like you had a great *albeit interesting* day! :) I hope it continues to go well for you, and I'm sure you will learn a lot! Darby Maeve

    Captain William Robin said...

    Souds fun! I'm glad your having a good time. That's so funny. I hate being in the wrong class!

    Captain Bonnie Spinner said...

    ...Will, when have you ever been in the wrong class??

    Captain Bonnie Spinner said...

    Btw, That's a catchy song on your blog, Rob.

    Render MoonArrow said...


    Preeeeetyyyy! Me want dat picture of Red smoke dat turns out to be yer blogger design! PRETTY!

    Could yo Email dat picture to me? PLZ!!! I beg of you!

    Marina said...

    Love the background!