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    Friday, October 31, 2008

    Vote for the Next Generation and Unity

    Rob Oakley
    Kelly Yoon
    English 1301
    24 October 2008

    One may define culture as “the integrated pattern of human knowledge, belief, and behavior that depends upon the capacity for learning and transmitting knowledge to succeeding generations” (“culture”). What if that pattern came to an end and what if that knowledge never transmits or even is received? That information would never have transferred over resulting in a possibly defective person or an uninformed and ignorant person; however, would society truly allow this to happen? Would society allow the freedoms of learning, of living, of experiencing life go to waste for the individual mind even solely for its own gain? If so, then where would society be as a whole if all of its members had no understanding? The answer to these questions may be found in the fact that many look to the mainstream media for current news and events, many turn to the media for knowledge to support or even find faith in something (science for instance), and they also allow media to even affect their behavior. On the Contrary, media has its disadvantages. As of now, the media and even this nation is divided and unwilling to transmit the truth that “if a house is divided against itself, that house will not be able to stand” (The English Standard Version, Mark 3.25). No doubt knowing this and once the noise of social discussion and the buzzing of the mainstream soften to a deep silence, one may see that something is wrong—something is wrong with the culture and the media. The nature of this world greatly depends upon a transfer of knowledge onto the next generation and it requires unity. Otherwise, the race of man’s future may never take place simply because the dwelling of the now takes too much priority and the segregation in between only produces chaos. This discussion is precisely thus to take measures not because of today’s society but for the society of tomorrow. Unfortunately this cannot happen on its own, this cannot happen without some kind of system that regulates, moderates, and integrates the transfer of information in all of its entirety through and to the populace; wherefore, a form of government comes into play and is required. Of course, a government needs leaders: where those leaders come from is a question with various answers.

    Thomas Jefferson, the very first president to start and run in the first Democratic and Republican Party, knew full well the importance of civil rights and the phrase “Fair and Balanced.” Jefferson even wrote two very important documents concerning the issue called the “Declaration of Independence” and the “Bill of Rights.” Jefferson, the first and probably the greatest Democrat, participated in the Revolutionary War, took part in the Louisiana Purchase, and laid out a more concrete foundation for the future of all citizens foreign and domestic. Today, this county’s foundation crumbles because society and individuals are becoming more and more distant with each other and centralized in the preferred post-modern populace which believes they can have what they want when they want it at no cost (“Party”).

    Now, the next generation Democrat, Barack Obama, claims a change is on the horizon; however, on what basis does that change lie? It certainly is not the traditions of the forefathers and the traditions of earlier democrats such as Theodor Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy. No, the change is more likely based upon the future American and the post modern socialist world that believes in redistributive wealth, desecrating the sacredness of marriage, and the murder of unborn potential American citizens. Obama’s ideals of “Tax Cuts” truly deciphers into “Tax Credit” and might as well be telling everyone the plan to save the middle class is charging all their expenses on the hard working class’s time and money (Orr). The opinion of marriage is intently between one man and one women as even two thirds of Californian citizens declared when Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger went against the people’s will and invited “same-sex” couples to marry at city hall (Boone). As for Obama’s voting record, Obama is most certainly pro-abortion (“Barack”).

    It isn’t enough to appease the pop-culture with suggestions of “quick fixes.” As long as people use a microwave mentality, nothing will ever taste right or last. The recipe of change calls for a crockpot mentality with good reason. Unless an individual is willing to change himself and be patient about it, the world may never change and unify. Although a universal mind set that agrees with everyone will never exist, there still must be balance within the system which is why voting for John McCain is not just the right thing to do but the necessary thing to do. To maintain balance in the system and a government that conserves this nation’s truest and most pure values on both sides, John McCain must be elected in this election or else an imbalance of power will go completely to the democratic party and thus monopolizing not just the Legislative and Executive branches but also the Judicial branch if Obama is elected. Which means nothing but a democratic stand point will arise in almost every public issue. Wherefore, if unity is indeed impossible at the time being, at least vote for balance.

    But, in essence, Americans should vote not just for John McCain nor vote for Barak Obama; Americans should vote not for Republicans nor vote for Democrats; Americans should vote not for just the change of today’s world, instead, vote for tomorrow. Americans should vote not for just themselves, instead, vote for their brothers and sisters of society, Americans should vote for their future and their children’s future, finally brothers and sisters, Americans should vote principally for the future of this nation and not its present.

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    Marina said...

    Verry true.

    Darby said...

    so.... nice article, well written. My favorite part is "We should not vote Republican nor Democrat" SO TRUE :) :) Our big dance is tomorrow! I'm so excited, my pecan pie for the contest is in the oven, and I'm going to try to go to bed in the next couple of hours. :) L2er DM

    Rob W. Oakley said...

    I figured you'd like that part ;)

    As awlays, it is good to hear from you.

    Have fun at the dance:D

    And keep in touch!



    Captain Bonnie Spinner said...

    Wow. Powerful stuff there. Isn't it weird to think that by next presedential election, some of us will be voting? Chair and I will, I think. Good post. Powerful stuff.

    Rob W. Oakley said...


    I GOT A 105!!!!


    I'M SO HAPPY!!!!!


    Darby said...

    *is confused* How can you get a 105? Is it extra credit? I averaged out a 102 in my dad's logic class, because of extra credit. I'm taking his writing class right now, and it's... interesting. I don't enjoy writing, much less to have all of my friends read my writing. For some reason, my dad reads my paper almost every week. *sigh* Ah well. No dance planned until April.... this is very sad. I do want to have one for my birthday next year, I hope that works out. l5er, DM

    Darby said...

    *is confused* How can you get a 105? Is it extra credit? I averaged out a 102 in my dad's logic class, because of extra credit. I'm taking his writing class right now, and it's... interesting. I don't enjoy writing, much less to have all of my friends read my writing. For some reason, my dad reads my paper almost every week. *sigh* Ah well. No dance planned until April.... this is very sad. I do want to have one for my birthday next year, I hope that works out. l5er, DM

    Darby said...

    AAAHH!! Why did i do that twice? I'm a ditz.

    Rob W. Oakley said...

    Yeah, it was extra Credit :) The Proffeser gave 10+ extra credit points to anyone who gave their paper as a speach :D I don't believe I ever seen any of your writing work... I'm sure a dance or two will pop out of nowhere one way or another ;) and you should have a ball, I think, for you birthday next year :)

    btw, your never a ditz in my book :)



    TheSilhouette said...


    HEE HEE!

    Ditz, never heard that before.

    Oh man, Oh man!

    Nice Roberto, even though I read it already en stuff it good, real good.

    Darby said...

    There's a reason you've never seen my writing..It's quite wretched. This week, we have to edit one anothers papers, and I got Lizzie's (mwhahaha) but the smartest girl in the class got mine. I have a feeling she's going to go all over it with red pen. *sigh* AND, we have to write MORE poetry next week. Ah well. Today is my brothers birthday, so partying is in order. Talk to you later, darby maeve

    Rob W. Oakley said...

    Well, writing does happen in rewriting. But i'm sure you already knew that :) Tell your bro I said happy birthday ;)

    Good to hear from you btw,