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    Saturday, July 28, 2007

    Major TOM


    mj said...

    Yal have WAY too much fun!!! :):)

    darby said...

    OK........ How old is Madi? :D

    Rob W. Oakley said...

    She's four...

    Boo who...

    They grow up so fast...


    Hi Darby!

    good to hear from you ;)

    What do you think about me working at La Madeleine?

    I would say it is a strange coincidence but then again I did apply on purpose LOL ;)


    The Pookie said...

    *absurd look of wonder*



    Wow thats awesome!!! That was hilarious!


    Rob W. Oakley said...

    Thank you! Thank you...

    *The Oakley Gang bowing and glaring back with an absurd look of wonder*




    Your very welcome!

    Render MoonArrow said...

    Very Creative.

    To bad I wasn't there to help.

    Kakiedoo said...!!!!


    Captain Will Robin said...

    Dude you've got way too much time on your hands.

    Captain Bonnie Spinner said...

    Haha, easy Will, it's what we all do secretly when we're alone and THINK no one's watching. : )
    That was funny.

    Captain Will Robin said...

    Major Tom is now one of my favorite songs. :^)

    William Firesword said...

    Excelent use of tin foil Robby. :)