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    Thursday, July 26, 2007

    Hey! Go to my production web site!!!

    I made some changes to OTM!!!

    Go visit it!!!



    The Pookie said...

    AGH! What happened to Rob the Chef?


    Yea where'd he go!!!!!!!?????/


    Man Robby Your pic on OTM Blog never get old!!!! There Awesome!!! I wish I knew how to do that!!! I gunna learn to do that someday!

    Rob W. Oakley said...

    O! I didn't realize the man was so much in favor!!!

    I'll bring him right back!



    Thank you!!!

    Rob W. Oakley said...

    Hey! Just so everyone knows I only deleted those posts because I thought they were trashy...

    That was a bad on my account...

    So don't feel bad...



    darby said...

    No, you deleted them because you didn't like my comments! :( Now I feel bad. See what you did? :(

    Rob W. Oakley said...

    No no no...

    In fact I saved all the comments and to prove it I'll repost them ;)


    What Darby Said before

    Oui, vous est un "bad" chef. (sorry I don't know the word for bad.) That is probably what would happen if they let you near a skillet with flaming stuff in it. Only you might die... darby

    Oh and Rob I am holding you responsible because my sister went to the frogger website "shockinglyfun" and now she;s addicted to like tons of games on there. YOU ARE TO BLAME!! darby

    I'm booking my plane ticket right now. JK. But if I did it would be to have a chance to dance in the ballroom in your yacht. And to meet and remeet all of you of course. :D Darby P.S Rob you need to stop the bad habit of screaming. Only 2yearolds and junior high girls scream. Yelling or shouting is much more manly. :D

    Hahahahahahahahahaha!!! Picture me laughing like a maniac! Where I live if there is one car behind us we consider that traffic. :D :D :D :D :D I am feeling very happy about living in the country right now. :D I havn't been to your blog in forever. Je regrette. Darby


    Aw Memories... There like colorful sands--sands of time...