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    Tuesday, June 19, 2007

    OK New post! MUSIC! Phenomenon

    Hey everyone!

    Do you like the music?

    To me it gets old after awhile but it is a great way to express the personality...

    It took me forever to find the right song and I still don't believe I've found the perfect one....

    O well, this one works for now...

    MP3 Realm! It's an awesome site, clean, and Blogger, Myspace friendly!

    Okay, they don't have everything, but, hey! it's better than nothing!




    Missyroo said...

    I think I'm going to change my song weekly. I just have WAY too many favorite songs. :) And I love alot of genres.


    Rob W. Oakley said...

    I think I will do the same!

    I am kind of a gaming junky or, at least, I was...

    anyway there are a lot of video games I've played in the past and the most part I love about them is the music and story line!

    It's live reading a book or watching a movie only a whole lot more interactive!

    I just love contemporary music! Especially from fantasy films and games.



    Yea the music rocks but yes it does get old quick. I'm gunna have to change my atleast once a week. I the Music on here now. Whats its from?



    OH Btw when you are posting and you want to put a link in your post you have to highlight the link then go to the tool bar and click on the button, right next to the Text Color button, that looks like a globe with glasses or something, then a windwo should pop up and you can put in the link there. Cya,


    Rob W. Oakley said...



    she whose name we do not speak said...

    Well it freaked me outthe first couple of times but I like it. Also sometimes I have to turn it off really quick because one of my sibs is sleeping. darby

    Rob W. Oakley said...



    Good to hear from you, as always :)

    Keep in touch ;)


    Darby said...

    Oh I didn't mean for it to sound like a complaint... It is really cool. :D I gave Jessica M. your blog addy I hope you don't mind. Darby Maeve

    Missyroo said...

    Hey, how'd you change your background?


    Render MoonArrow said...

    He Used the power of fishsticks!

    Cool huh

    Rob W. Oakley said...

    It's complicated...

    I think you could figure it out, however!

    If you go to customize then open the edit HTML tab

    You will reveal a head ache of code you may or may not understand...

    Study the code carefully

    Scroll down to a concentration of HTML code called the BODY

    Now each and every web page has, in a way, very unique code.

    In other words your code could be very different from mine based on that I have pretty paper and a background when you just have a solid background...

    I am still barely understanding it myself but to make a long story short...

    I simply added a url link from another website onto the HTML Code, thus revealing a differint backround





    I found the edit HTML thing but I'm not about to go digging through there and trying to add stuff :):) It all went way over my head. :):)


    Rob W. Oakley said...

    I understand...

    Like I said... I am barely brushing the surface myself, so don't feel bad