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    Wednesday, June 6, 2007

    I'm BACK!!!

    It's ME! (evil Tim Curry and/or Vincent Price Laugh)

    I feel sort of hypnotized and desaturated from our 1400 mile trip up and back from the Show Me State of Missouri.

    I let you in on the details in awhile; just bare with me ;)

    I feel like I'm still going 70+ mph and I'm sort of having highway flash back; every time I hit a bump i can feel it. WOW!





    I'm not a big fan of LONG car rides. I can't sleep in cars to save my life!

    Missyroo said...

    I LOVE long car rides! My favorite place to sleep is in the car!!


    Rob W. Oakley said...

    HE HE


    Especially when I'M the one driving!

    BTW you can't sleep when you're driving (TWITCH TWITCH)

    LOL ;)


    Darby said...

    I HATE long car rides too but we are going on one next week... :( At least we finally got a DVD player for the car so we have something to do besides read. Not that I have anything against reading it is just that I have read everything in the house. I was wondering if you were going to Jamestown because a lot of my friends are going for the quadricentennial (esp a lot of my TX friends) Glad to hear that Reece is doing well! :) Darby

    Rob W. Oakley said...

    Hey Darby,

    no, I believe my family will not be going to James Town :( although, it would be wonderful to see you and your family again :)Maybe you could come down for the winter ball?

    I know you would love that!

    We went for the first time last spring and it was...well, a ball! LOL

    good to hear from you =)


    Darby Maeve said...

    Go all the way to Texas for a ball?? I would love that but 'tis not in my budget. :D I have only been to a ball once and that was when I was 6. :D We have dances here all the time but they are more jeans and plaid shirt type as opposed to tux type. What I am trying to say is that they are a lot more informal. Plus the guys at my church can't dance plus 45 percent of our church is under 8 plus we only do like 5 dances every time.:D Maybe I will come down to Texas... Or you could come to VA for Reformation Day/barn dance.DS

    Rob W. Oakley said...

    Hey! either way it would be a lot of fun!




    The Ball is AWESOME! Dancing is so much fun!

    Rob W. Oakley said...

    I think Darby should come; what do you guys thing?

    john boriack (brooke boriack's older brother) said...

    Most definately, maybe you could put a deal on ebay asking for money so you can drive or fly down to texas. And then send the winner a pie or some cookies or something. LOL. Maybe not. That was just the first thing that came to my head :)

    Rob W. Oakley said...

    I would bid!

    Render MoonArrow said...

    Me too!


    Darby said...

    3.questions. 1. When is this ball that you want me to come to? 2. Anyone going to the SAICFF in Nov.?
    3.So you would pay money to fly me to wherever in TX that you live just for one of my world famous apple pies You must be short of good dancers? :D And noone else would bid because they would think I was scamming them. At the moment I have umm 60 dollars and I am saving for a violin right now because I taught myself how to play on my sisters but I have rather long arms and hers is not full size. So, to sum that all up I can't come to your ball (much as I would love to) unless you are relatively near to San Antonio and your ball is in the first week of november OR I get enough money to fly to Texas. (which I couldn't by my self anyway so that is out of the question. ) BTW, I have not met very many guys who dance without having to have their sisters drag them kicking and screaming on to the dance floor. W/kind of dancing do you do anyway? Do any of these sound familiar? Grand March, VA reel, Patty Cake Polka, GayGordon, Posties Jig, Hunting the Fox, Divide the Ring. Those are the names that I can remember of what we do. Darby P.S. Our next dance is June 29 get your parents to come to Couples Camp ( and ask to come with and you can come!!

    Rob W. Oakley said...

    The ball I believe is in October...

    And sure! We would pay! I'll be working this summer and I think I can get everyone to pitch in a few hundred here and there, but don't get your hopes up; we have plenty of time to plan and save.

    Most of the dances you listed are very popular: VA reel, Hunting the Fox, the Gay Gordon. We have other more formal dances like the Irish Waltz, Spanish Waltz, and the Normal Waltz...Did I mention the Waltz? The Polka is a favorite, and much much more group specific dances!

    And don't get me wrong about dancing! in this case you could very well call my brother and I unique when it comes to "liking" dancing!

    I have a little sister and a dad who are passionate about dancing to thank for that!

    But, hey, dancing is A LOT OF FUN!!!

    The winter dance is sometime away; you have plenty of time to think about it, and if it makes you feel any better, I think I would highly consider coming up to VA to experience a once in a life time event such as a winter ball or what ever it is you guys have up there ;)



    I can't begin to imagine what that world famous apple Pie taste like!

    it's my favorite!!!

    Darby said...

    Well, if you are willing to pay for it then I will make you a lifetime supply of my worldfamous apple pie. Funny story... the director of our ministry takes a little convincing to finance a barn dance and being the daughter of his boss, the convincing part is my job. So this Jun 29 dance is coming about because I promised him an apple pie! And the last dance we had (which was in March) the caller (who is a good friend of mine) said "we aren't doing the Va reel tonight" all the teens were NOT HAPPY (esp me) so I said (in my most convincing voice) "Blake, if you call the Va reel for us I will make you and apple pie.:D" Well it is his fave too so he aggreed and I did it and the next day he had apple pie for dessert. So I know that apple pie is a great way to convince a man to do anything to do w/dancing. :D Hey, if the San Antonio Independant Christian Film Festival is close to that time then maybe I can go!!! Hooray!!! I am on VFs events list right now it is taking forever to load.......................................................................................................................... hurry up..................... the 25 to the 27 of Oct is the film festival. So find out what day it is and let me know! I really want to go now and if I can't it is all your fault for getting my hopes up. Jk. I do want to go though. Darby

    Rob W. Oakley said...


    I will be going to the FILM FESTIVAL!!!


    I am actually going to go through the academy portion of it; how fun!

    You know I really don't know exactly when the next ball is, but I will find out ASAP! Hopefully things will work out perfectly :)

    just pray :D

    I'll be at camp June 29th



    If I pay, I expect at least one pie bimonthly via fedex...

    Just kidding...

    That would be one seasoned and rough pie...



    Darby said...

    I will be at the academy part too!! Awesomeness!!! Wouldn't it be so cool if the ball was during the reg part so like I would fly to San Antonio with my dad go to the academy thing (is your whole family going?) meet up with y'all, go to the ball, come back to the film festival and go home with my dad!! Wouldn't that be so awesome. I will pray so hard between now and then. (I don't think you would like the pie very much by the time it got to you. Maybe I will make one take a pic of it show it to you and you can just imagine how it might taste. :D Oh, how I wish I could go to the ball! (to quote Cinderella) Darby

    Rob W. Oakley said...

    Cinderella Darby...


    it will just be my dad and I, but if things work out, we should all be at the ball!

    as for the pie...

    it just wouldn't be the same :(

    I will pray and I will tell everyone else to pray too!


    Darby said...

    Yah, it wouldn't be the same. :( How far are you from San Antonio anyway? Cause maybe my dad could drive me to the ball I could stay the night at Brookes house (hint hint) and he could pick me up in the morning. I am an extremely optomistic person as you can tell. I am probably getting my hopes up for nothing... Oh, it being a ball I would assume that I would need a ball gown??

    Rob W. Oakley said...

    I live near Houston so about 4 hrs maybe...

    I figured you'd want to stay with Brooke since you're such close friends.

    Optimism is a shear sign of faith and hope: keep it up, pray, have faith and I am sure things will work out.

    Many of the girls go as far as the hoop skirt and white silk gloves, but a normal formal dress will do!

    I'll post a few pics ;)


    Captain William Robin said...

    Ok. Highway flashbacks...I felt like I was going to puke on the way back from Disney.