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    Friday, June 22, 2007

    Don't Panic!

    As you can see, I've done some rearranging and all ready I can tell you're a little shocked to see that FROGGER IS MISSING!!!

    Rest assure it is resting peacefuly toward the bottom of the blog ;)

    So put your mind at easy and give it a shot! I know you will love it!



    Ben Adams said...

    Hey Robby, (or Rob W. Oakley) how have you been. I think that this is my first time to comment on your blog. I quit doing mine because there were just too many other things to do and I just did not have time. I like your blog. You are going to have to do a picture of me sometime. See you at church in two weeks. We are on vaca in North Carolina. BTW why are you not going on the high adventure next week? See you around...


    Rob W. Oakley said...

    Can't afford it this time around...

    I am sure there might of been some effort I couldn't of put into it; however, it just worked out that all of the guys will just go to summer camp this year.

    I thought it would be neat (maybe next year) to get a whole bunch of friends and go on our own expidition to maybe Europe or somewhere closer like Colorado and go skying and snowboarding!

    Good to hear from you and I would love to do a graphic of you sometime (it is one of my greatest passions you know) ;)


    darby said...

    You can all come to VA!!!! jk. I took that quiz a while ago on someones blog and I was Buttercup. ? I was panicking for a minute but I am ok after I read the post. :D signed, me (darby)

    Rob W. Oakley said...

    VA would be AWESOME!

    Tell me, in your opinion, what is the great state of VA's greatest attraction?

    I know it has a lot of civil war history but I couldn't tell how much I've studied that!

    Yours truly,


    Darby said...

    Umm, I havn't seen that much of it I live in the Southwest corner of Va right on the border of Tn so I have only been to Williamsburg and Jamestown and Lexington.There is a lot of cool stuff there although with 7 kids you don't get to see that much. But hey, our church is pretty awesome you just have to come at the right time like in Oct we will have Reformation Day celebration and the week after a dance. That is like the funnest week of the year. :D (besides Christmas) Darby Tell you what if I make it to the winter ball then you have to promise to visit Va before you die.

    Rob W. Oakley said...

    Okay ;)

    That sound pretty fair =)


    MJ said...

    I was totally freaking out trying to find frogger! I don't think I could live w/o it!!

    JK. I didn't even notice it was missing. :)


    Render MoonArrow said...

    Hey Robby that frog is so cute hey he looks just like you!!!

    man that one cracks me up every time!

    Ha haha hahaha hahahahaha!!!!

    Rob W. Oakley said...

    Hey! words can be just as deadly as swords!

    So Watch Yo Mouth!

    I could instantaneously appear right before you and give my piece of mind quite effectivly!





    Man I surprised you even dared to say your older and bigger brother looked like a frog!!!! I wouldn't dare!! Of course I don't have an Older and Bigger brother. Cya,


    The Pookie said...

    Whoa... How did I get that name?!? That's.... magical. I love it! Where did it come from?

    Render MoonArrow said...

    were not telling until we see you in person.

    Probably next Sunday from the next.



    Do I get name too? I feel... left out... WHAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!! BOOOHOOO!!!! WHAAAHH wHAAAAHHH!!!!...




    Just Kidding :):):):)


    The Pookie said...

    Okay, the suspense is killing me....