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    Thursday, May 17, 2007

    Super Madi!!!...I Mean Mysterious Mistress We Do Not Speak Of

    By Robert W. Oakley

    One particular evening when the sun blazed across the mid day, a horrible heat stroke fell upon the feeble tribe of Oakontonotropolis, whose skin was quite frail. Feeling destined and doomed to melt beneath the Hot, hot sun the tribe felt their fate would meet them soon. Another brutal hour slowly passed by, and the tribe’s stamina running on fumes: could this be the end? No! What’s this? Is it a butterfly, a fairy princess, a beautiful Lady bug? No, it’s Madilyn! . . . I mean … the Mysterious Mistress we do not speak of!

    Surely she would devise a plan to save us all; in fact, she new of our distinct troubles before she arrived. “Hurray!” The Tribe of Oakontonotropolis cried
    “We are saved!”

    “I am Super Madi,” The Mysterious Mistress we do not speak of exclaimed “we should all go swimming” she suggested.

    GASP! The Tribe of Oakontonotropolis would never consider swimming for their frail and precious feet might get wet!

    “We mustn’t go swimming,” Robbopolis shrieked
    “There are sharks in the pool!”

    The Mysterious Mistress crossed her arms and smirked, “I’ll take care of THIS!”

    “SHE IS SO BRAVE” the Tribe of Oakontonotropolis screeeeamed

    She disappeared in a flash then surprisingly returned in a huff, “There are no more sharks; let’s go swimming!”

    “But there might be snakes in the grassy plains that surround the pool. Go and make sure,” Ryansurpopolis requested.

    SIGH! “Fine! I will go,” the Mysterious Mistress said beneath her breath.

    “SHE IS SO BRAVE” the Tribe of Oakontonotropolis screeeeamed!!!!!

    Moments went by and the Tribe waited patiently. The Mysterious Mistress returned with snakes across her arms and around her legs. The Tribe was horrified!!!! What was super Madi going to do? When hope was to a minimum, The Mistress spun and used her super powers to rid herself of the horrid snakes. “Hurray!” The Tribe of Oakontonotropolis cried “she is saved!!!”

    “Now Let’s GO SWIMMING!!!” The Mysterious Mistress we do not speak of now demanded.

    “But what if the water is too cold?” Reeceopopo asked.

    “It won’t be TOO COLD!” the Mysterious very objectively stated.

    “LET’S GO SWIMMING!” Russelleezious shouted out but then hid himself out of embarrassment.

    “Fine, we shall go swimming,” Robbopolis ordered with a booming voice.

    “BUT ARE FEET WILL GET WET,” the Tribe of Oakontonotropolis screeeeamed!!!!!

    “Are feet may be moist but are tongue will remain dry”, Robbopolis exclaimed

    The tribe of Oakontonotropolis looked very confused; however, very convinced.
    The Tribe of Oakontonotropolis screeeeamed!!!!!

    “Thank you Mysterious Mistress we do not speak of”


    1 comment:

    Captain William Robin said...

    Cool! Super Madi...ehem...I mean "The mysterious mistress we do not speak of" is SO brave!!