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    Sunday, October 7, 2007

    Rob's Super Remix Paradise

    Hello blog Fans!

    Just like to thank you all for your support! I mean, you're part of the reason I'm here; without you, this would be simply life stuck in a box...

    Anyway, I promised to give out one of my prised resources of music, Video Game Remixes, and other things...

    First of all (and if you like game music) Try Mp3realm and search for any of your favorite game music...

    Not a video game fanatic like me? Well try these and see if you like them

    Zelda (or the legend of Zelda)

    Mega Man X

    [Final Fantasy]

    (My most favorite video game and music for that matter)

    (Keep in mind, there are like over 10 (ten) Final Fantasy adventures)

    The best music would have to be Episodes II, III, VIII , and X

    As mentioned in a post, Breath of Fire has some really good selections...

    But most of it you'll just have to browse over and pick and choose (I mean, some of it I can't bare to listen to) but on occasion you're bound to find something you like...

    Earth Bound is a good game to search as well.

    And as one more fact, many of these games are from the old SNES (Super Nentindo) and playstation systems.

    Finally, some links to some sites FULL of game music



    and there is one more but let me find it...

    I can't remember the site...

    Well that's it for now!

    Keep voting and never hesitate to give me your input!

    Peace be with you!

    ~The Renaissance Man



    I like alot of game music! I haven't heard much but I like Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, Halo and such...\

    Is that pic new? I don't think I've seen it... Will you teach me how to use Photoshop!!!!??? How much does it cost?!!??!?!?!?

    The Pookie said...

    THANK YOU!!!

    BTW, thanks for THAT AWESOME PICTURE!!!! It's amazing!!!!

    Oak Tree Meadow Productions [OTM] said...

    You're very welcome Nenaglarelendil ;)

    I'm so glad you liked it! I honestly had no idea that Fuji was going to print it on "high-gloss" photo paper! it came out so nice I had to frame it. handing it over and expecting you to pin it on the wall just wouldn't have done it (and you) justice. :)

    Hey JC, yea, that pic's new. Do you like it?

    Standard Photoshop CS3 runs at about $700.00

    and the extended version runs at about 1K.

    ouch! I know but if you're serious about your photography and graphic design, you'll make the investment.

    I promise you'll get massive reward from such an amazing product and the only risk you have is not taking the time to use and understand it other wise you wind up with just a thousand dollars taking up space on your hard drive or collecting dust in some deep dark file cabinet...

    Not interested in paying so much?

    You could always go with GIMP.

    It's FREE!

    I'm thinking about doing some online tutorials based on the basics of graphic design but being so familiar with Photoshop makes it difficult to try and understand GIMP's functionality and, even more so, shortcut keys.

    It isn't hard to use gimp, I'm just not willing to take the time to learn how to use it because I prefer one over the other.

    But, rest assure, for your sake and the sake of other graphic enthusiasts, I'll take the time to invest in the future--the future and next generation of media ;)

    What we could do is meet up at your place some time or we could get together with our desktops (or what ever) and I could install a "trial" version which will last 30 days and we could spend all day learning the basics and some more advanced techniques.

    sound like a plan?

    Just contact me if you have any other questions.

    Peace out everyone


    Kakiedoo said...

    Sveet muzeek!


    Oak Tree Meadow Productions [OTM] said...

    Oint ait?


    mj said...

    hi. Haven't made my blog rounds lately. swhat happens when school starts. :( I'm ready for TG break!


    Oak Tree Meadow Productions [OTM] said...


    Whats TG?

    Sorry my abbrevis are out of date...

    It's what happens when your brain gets fried with so much stuff...


    Haven't heard from you in awhile, how you doing?

    Well, as long as you're enjoying life and soaking in every moment I guess you're doing fine :)



    The Pookie said...

    TG = Thanksgiving

    Oak Tree Meadow Productions [OTM] said...



    I knew that ;)


    mj said...

    Trying to enjoy life! Succeeding in every area except English. :) gotta 4 page paper due Monday... after that life will be delightful!!

    Kakiedoo said...

    Hello...haven't been on in a couple days. Nowdays I get on 'bout once a week...Too much school:(